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La publicité ou réclame est une forme de communication, dont le but est de fixer l'attention d’une cible visée. PENSEUR DE PROD, agence de pub.

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Une agence est un organisme composé de spécialistes chargés, pour le compte des annonceurs, de la conception, de l'exécution et du contrôle des

De Gaulle, en grand !

Monumental projection on the Cross of Lorraine in Colombey-les-deux-churches with the participation of Robert Hossein


With the voice of Robert Hossein

Réalisation d'un spectacle en projection monumentale sur les 44 mètres de haut de la Croix de Lorraine







In the magnificent setting of the Charles de Gaulle Memorial , from June 18

and summer come to Colombey- les-Deux- Eglises discover a monumental show in 3D:



44 meters high , is the Cross of Lorraine, itself serve as a giant screen to light and sound unusual . For more than a half hour , and thanks to the incomparable voice of Robert Hossein , spectators can live and relive the great stages of the life of General de Gaulle.


The belle-époque where the young Charles was born in Lille in 1890 agitations May 68, seduced by the projection that takes you to the heart of the Appeal of 18 June, the meanders of the Second World War to the advent of the way to France .


Directed by Christophe Marlard / PENSEUR DE PROD, DE GAULLE EN GRAND will be visible from the dark and accessible with a single ticket the day of the Memorial.


Enjoy the trip in Haute-Marne to prolong the experience , discover the Memorial and of course The boisserie , a historic General .


The Memorial is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. without interruption.


DE GAULLE EN GRAND is a fun , historical and educational for all ages show.

mapping video "de gaulle en grand"



For the show " De Gaulle en Grand "

PENSEUR DE PROD the challenge to make a video mapping projection on the monumental 44 meter high Cross of Lorraine.


For the first time , this monument , visible for miles , becomes the support of technological performance , educational, and historical .


To inaugurate this new sensory experience with dignity , Christophe Marlard imagined a scenography representative huge video slabs diodes.


The multitude of bright round give the image a very graphic look. Their arrangement meets the vertical lines and the spirit of the monument.


Written by Stéphane GAGGINI and Christophe Marlard scenario results from a long work on the archives and documents available on Charles de Gaulle and one particular original form which is between the " Mash -up " and the video scrapbooking.


The mash-up is a technique that involves mixing the images (photos, logos, images, videos) and sounds with amazing dynamics.


Scrapbooking video is assembling samples of videos and photographs within the same plane.


The whole gives the film an absolutely breathtaking graphics and narration.


The choice of the voice of Robert Hossein ( man movie and big shows on the history ) gives an extra dimension to the work, true historical bond.






Stéphane GAGGINI

Christophe MARLARD




Christophe MARLARD


Creating tables 2D/3D

Alice BALL

Valentin BERTHON

Amélie JEGO

Christophe MARLARD

Julien RABIA

Maxime RIOU




Responsible for mapping

Valentin BERTHON


Sound design


Thomas BUET


Production manager

Philippe ROTA


Design and production


Christophe MARLARD


technical means



technical Advisor Guillaume LE MOING





Voice recording Gaël MORICE


Photo and video credit

Memorial Charles de Gaulle

SNCF Media



Souvenirs souvenirs - Johnny HALLYDAY

Itsi itsi bikini - DALIDA

La complainte des arts ménagers - Boris VIAN

Frou-Frou - Berthe SYLVA

La Marseillaise - Django REINHART



The team of Charles de Gaulle Memorial

director /Alexandre MORA

The house of the tourism of the Haute Marne

Director Michel GUERIN

Cie Robert HOSSEIN - Guillaine DEWING








The Charles de Gaulle Memorial offers for the first time COLOMBEY-LES-DEUX-CHURCHES exceptional sound and light on the Cross of Lorraine.

FOUNDATION GATWICK, owner of the Cross of Lorraine, the foundation is involved in this project for this high place of the Gaullist memory.

HOUSE OF TOURISM DÉPARTEMENTALE is engaged in the promotion of the territory, the Departmental Tourist Office de Haute-Marne is an indispensable partner of the show.

Le CONSEIL GÉNÉRAL DE LA HAUTE-MARNE est un partenaire incontournable du mapping vidéo en projection monumentale intitulé DE GAULLE EN GRAND.

The General Council of Haute-Marne is a key partner of mapping video projection entitled Monumental de Gaulle BIG.


ICC shareholder Memorial, meets present in this promising basin project action and nationals of the House.

EDF has built a strategic partnership with Memorial and tribute to the instigator of Electricité de France in 1946.

FRANCE 3 Ardenne naturally supports one of the major summer events in the Champagne-Ardenne region.


The show takes place at dusk,

Thursday through Sunday, from 18 June to 31 August 2013:


Memorial Charles de Gaulle

52330 Colombey-les-deux-churches


By road: Access by A5

From Paris: exit # 23 Ville-sous-la-Ferté, follow Bar-sur-Aube, then Colombey-les-deux-churches

From Lyon: exit 24-Semoutiers Chaumont, Chaumont follow, then Colombey-les-deux-churches


By train: Get off at Gare de Chaumont

Travel time between Gare de Paris Est and Gare de Chaumont varies between 2:15 ET 2:45.

Special Offer "TER Champagne-Ardenne/Mémorial Charles de Gaulle": see the website of Memorial




By bus: Line Chaumont / Colombey-les-Deux-churches. Service demand transport Proxibus, from the Town Hall or the Gare de Chaumont, is open by reservation at number 0800 23 50 37 or 03 25 January 88 42, and costs 1.00 € per person. The service operates from Monday to Saturday from 7:30 am to 19h. Information and schedules here.