AGENCE DE COM spécialisée dans la communication par le mapping vidéo et la projection monumentale d'images géantes pour l'événementiel. Création de projeciton mapping sur objet, édifices, monuments et voitures Nos locaux sont équipés :
- de stations de montage et compositing 2D/3D
- de vidéoprojecteurs de fortes puissances...

Major player in video projection mapping, PENSEUR DE PROD offers a wide range of video mapping turnkey original and adjusted fairer your facades, products and objects.

We deliver turnkey solutions like 3D video mapping, Mocap Mapping, holography, 360º projection, film/video and animation.


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Transform anything into a screen with the burgeoning art of projection mapping. Here are 10 of the best... projectionmapping
Régie publicitaire Ciné City - Troyes dans l'Aube
La publicité ou réclame est une forme de communication, dont le but est de fixer l'attention d’une cible visée. PENSEUR DE PROD, agence de pub.

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Une agence est un organisme composé de spécialistes chargés, pour le compte des annonceurs, de la conception, de l'exécution et du contrôle des

Lightbox Event

The LIGHTBOX EVENT is an exclusive concept PENSEUR DE PROD installation video for mobile enliven your event or dress up your space so bright. The LIGHTBOX EVENT uses the technique of video mapping by adapting video content to 3D space consisting of a prism assembly. They are dressed in a canvas cinema for perfect color reproduction.

Why choose PENSEUR DE PROD ?


We provide an original concept and a turnkey service. You are therefore fully available to take care of the communication of the event. Our team of professionals is engaged in an innovative artistic approach and controlled making it the ideal partner for your benefits. The work of the high definition picture combined with a relevant graphic design video and powerful projectors let us consider a source of inexhaustible possibilities. Our expertise is your guarantee of security and ensuring a successful event at the lowest cost.

This type of facility trisensoriel (3D space, image and sound) lends itself to evening events as ephemeral or permanent installations to dress up a reception hall, a shop or a professional stand, for example.



Our multi-screen device can also be supporting a spectacle in itself as THE FABULOUS CHRISTMAS ELVES OF FIREFLIES, a magical tale perspective replacing a fun way to traditional Christmas lights.

Multi mappings interactive video on the occasion of the graduation of the IESA with Vjin on DJ Lightbox Event

Gala party

   Comics Party

Mapping a traveling Christmas show on a mountain of white cubes resembling gifts

The fabulous Christmas of elves fireflies

Birthday of


DJ lightbox : scénographie lumineuse : Christophe MARLARD Mapping mis en scène par Christophe MARLARD - PENSEUR DE PROD Création scénographique : Christophe MARLARD.